Studio Session with Leahandmark

I loved the second photo shoot! It started a *tad* early, but we needed the extra time as we had more involved
 sets. This time we threw things at the models. Don't worry, they were really good sports about it. We started 
with Bella (who was incredible and has me just about convinced that I should shave my head.) The concept 
was using this shredded paper to make a sort of snow effect. I think the more trying thing about this shoot was
 that it just took longer. Therefore, when it came time for us to shoot, we had three rounds of the other interns
 gathering and tossing the "snow" before we were done. It also put a little more pressure on posing the models 
because we had three chances-that's it. So where as normally I would have had some ideas in mind, but 
played around a bit to find other different poses/interesting lighting, this time I found that I had to plan 
ahead of time exactly which three poses I wanted Bella to do. That's a pretty useful skill to have (and one I 
need to continue to work on.) As a wedding photographer, I find myself constantly racing against the clock. 
Either we are chasing the last sliver of daylight before the reception, trying to include a fussy, but adorable
 ring bearer, or I have a wedding planner glancing at her watch. I need to get better at spontaneous 
planning. I can get a shot in those moments, but how creative and awesome it is is up for grabs.
The other thing I realized was that I spend a lot of time trying to get "perfect lighting" when sometimes, 
when a light misfires, or the model shifts out of her original pose and it affects the lighting, that can be a
 blessing in disguise. I am making it a goal to add to my mental photog arsenal certain cool lighting 
situations that aren't politically correct, but totally rock!
The next thing we did was add in another model with Bella and worked with both of them. That was really 
great, but again, it was like "ready...go! Ok, that's all the time you get..." I will say that I really enjoyed 
hanging out with Kelly, JoSooji, and Sam. It's always interesting to see someone take a different direction 
than you considered. Plus, they're all really cool people!
Next, we worked with India, which was awesome. She did a great job, but we were a little short on time 
so I didn't get a ton of time with her. We had leaves to use as props, but I opted not to use them that way. 
Mostly because I love the smiling-eyes-wide-open shots and I was slightly concerned one of those stems 
would place itself neatly in her eye...which would suck.
As we were putting equipment away, I got to squeeze in a little one-on-one time with Kim. I told her to just
 channel her inner Beyonce...and did she ever!
Thanks for reading! I am really enjoying this entire experience so far and I'm looking forward to the coming months!