So, I just got back from a rather awesome trip to Chicago with two of my coolest friends, Chris and Courtney. The whole premise of the trip was to go and run the Rock 'n Roll half marathon. Basically, it was Courtney and I's extra reason to train for the half. We knew if we made a trip out of it, we'd be far more likely to follow through with the training. And, great news, we DID IT! Our whole goal was to run the entire way and not stop--we may have shuffled a bit towards the end, but we didn't stop! Check out these pictures of some of our other adventures along the way!

This is Chris
This is Courtney
When we arrived in Chi-town, we trekked over to our hotel.


Which was SUPER SAWEETTT! I loved the old-fashioned detail!!!


We took some fun photos in the room. We're cool like that.
We then ate our first meal. It was good, but didn't touch the deep dish pizza we had later. Twice.


This is the crazy storm cloud that blew in as we were walking the 2 miles to sign in and pick up our stuff for the race. Yeah. Not cool.


True to form, they had a TON of cool merch that you could buy at the expo. I restricted myself to one shirt, but the little signs on the mirrors made me crack up! Another one said "That makes you look fast."
So after the race and the rest required to make our legs functional again, we went to the museum.
These are the stairs we had to hobble down. Stupid stairs.
A picture of all three of us!
They actually had a U-505 submarine there as well! I thought it was cool that in order to house it, they had to bring it to the museum and then build an additional wing around the sub.
It was HUGE! 
(that's what she said...)
 This was some kind of game with the cows udders that Court and I could NOT figure out for the life of us. There was a timer and these suction things...yeah, I still have no idea.
This was the saddest exhibit. It shows how the plumbing works in a house. We felt bad for it, so we hung out and watched the show.
The interactive portion of the museum was my favorite!
Afterward, we went here for lunch. I think this is the Chicago version of "The Varsity".


Then we went on a river boat tour. I STRONGLY suggest anyone visiting Chicago to do one of these. It was touristy, but one of those cool touristy things to do!


On the boat cruise we met this spectacular family who offered to buy us drinks at a rooftop bar. 
Um...the bar was STUNNING!! In fact, this was the view from where our table sat. The drinks were awesome and creative (mine had ginger beer, basil and pomegranate). We hung out here for a few hours. We were incredibly fortunate to happen upon such generous, interesting people!


 Afterwards, we went on a walk to scout out some dinner. We ended up at this sports bar that served a mean grilled cheese and tomato soup....
And had the fattest frog I've ever seen. Ever. 
We also went to a bar and danced and drank 1/2 priced wine (SCORE). We ended up seeing Adrina Partridge at the bar we went to...random. Then early the next morning, we had to pack up to head home.
   I LOVED Chicago! I loved the weather, the history, the people. It was such an amazing city. I said as much to the Chicagians we had the pleasure meeting, and their response was "don't move here." I didn't quite understand why, but they explained that it's winter about 8 months out of the year. Don't think I'll be moving there anymore-but I'll definitely be visiting more frequently. In that 3 month time frame at least. :-)