Jenny & Jorge

What's up blog readers!? Long time, no see! I know, my fault. Forgive me? I'm back and super-crazy-pumped-amped-and-all-around-fired-up about 2012. So much so that I'm ignoring all grammar. Interestingly, this post was originally going to be about procrastination, but I guess I'll do that one later. ImageImageImageImage

So, what has me so pumped? Only that the first few weddings of the year have not only been beautiful and touching, but they have been to people who are unbelievably amazing individually. And then they get married and are even MORE amazing. I don't think I'll ever tire of watching people in love. In the same way I love watching one of those cool leaf tornadoes. I just stand by and watch the miraculous beauty, content to simply be in it's presence.


Jenny and Jorge are two such individuals. It's funny, I actually knew them both separately before they started dating. Jenny is the pastry chef at Pricci (DELISH Italian place my hubby is currently a Sous Chef at). Her spirit is effervescent. She's the kind of person you simply love to be around. She gives great hugs and is the compliment queen. But not in that fake way, she's genuine about everything she says. I always walk away from a conversation with her feeling lighter and happier.


Jorge is a handsome man of seemingly few words when you first meet him. He started working as a server at Pricci, and that' where he met Jenny. I remember the day Matt came over and mentioned that they had started dating. "Who? REALLY! I would've never seen that one coming", was my impulsive response. How wrong I was. Jorge fits Jenny like an intricate puzzle piece. Being around them, I've seen him both encourage her independence and be the arms she can fall into when life just gets too hard. Likewise, Jenny seems to bring out a confidence in Jorge I'd never witnessed before they were together. She is so consistently pouring her love in him that he truly shines with her.


Such a beautiful couple with such an amazing story.


I count myself so privileged to have been a part of their tender wedding day and to think of them as my own sweet friends. Congrats you two!  Hope you enjoyed your sneak peek, you can see more HERE!