Dress Up

Growing up, my absolute FAVORITE thing to do was play dress up. I used to have this floor length, fully sequined, cerulean ball gown that I would wear all. the. time. It's funny, the way I remember it, it was made of actual jewels, not sequins. I would run around outside in it and pretend I was being chased by the evil queen (aka my brother, Matt) and once I was caught I'd wait for my prince charming to come and rescue me.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Interestingly enough, I found myself "working" two weeks ago and yet it looked incredibly similar to five year old me play time. I hooked up with Monique and Ashley at the Brock Cassidie Salon in Buckhead. Which is this INCREDIBLY adorable salon! It's decorated with all these vintage touches and they even have these cute silk robes you can slip into to really make the whole experience that much more relaxing! Well, we did a stylized shoot and they totally rocked all the styling from the hair, makeup, and set design! It was SO. COOL. Plus, I had that moment where I stopped, looked around and realized that I was basically playing dress up and that that is my job. Pretty awesome moment for me!!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

I had an amazing day "playing" with Monique & Ashley! As well as the beautiful models, Ladee Danger, Candice Dupree & Stacey Culpepper. I'll be teaming up with the Brock Cassidie team again to do more stylized shoots, so if any of you have some way amazing ideas, message them to me and maybe we'll shoot it! Happy Tuesday!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage