Super Creative is Super-Fly!

So I just shot a gorgeous wedding a week and a half ago for the lovely Jamie and Jon Buttry and I realized that I never blogged their awesome engagement session! It. Was. Epic. Seriously! They were totally down for a little costuming and creative shooting. We wanted to do a dual session-which you've heard me mention before. Basically it's like two engagement sessions in one. One side represents the brides personality and the other represents the groom's. In this case, the groom was represented by a very "Great Gatsby" type of feel and the bride had more of a "Free People" personality. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dual engagement sessions. Yes, it's more work. Yes, it takes longer. And yes, it may or may not mean that I make my clients run between trains in 90+ heat to get the shot. But they are always worth it. Plus, me being the cheese-ball I am, I love the idea of him stepping into her world and her stepping into his. It always makes for a more dynamic day of shooting with some awesome benefits! Enjoy