70's Wedding Inspiration...that's NOT tacky!

About two months ago, over some raw juice from Souper Jenny's Juice Bar, I sat down with Heidi Rew from Parties for Pennies to get to know her better and talk about our businesses. First off, let me just say Heidi is AH-MAZING. I'd read her blog many times before and wondered how she had so many amazing ideas! I mean, if I were her my blog would be a wordier, regurgitated Pinterest page. But she genuinely has idea after idea just bubbling around in her lovely brain. It is invigorating to be around! So after a short (sarcasm), three hour, liquid breakfast, we decided to collaborate on a stylized session. There are a lot of people who have no clue what that is, so allow me to clarify. A stylized session is when a bunch of vendors put their creative minds to work, offer their perspective talents and pull off what is (hopefully) an inspiring, creative result. Heidi and I had no idea the caliber of talent that would come out of the woodwork to put this project together. It was, quite simply, a delight.www.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.com Full disclosure: I left all the creative details/vision/feel of the shoot up to Heidi. And she did not disappoint. She decided on an amazing color scheme of buttercream yellow, mint green, and blush pink. She had the brilliant thought to add disco balls to the bouquets (provided by the incredible Owens Flower Shop) I know, it sounds crazy, but it turned out BEAUTIFUL!) She did a tutorial for the mint green DIY tassels for the napkins that even I can follow! She found an interesting alternative to the normally boring wedding favors. She even came up with a trendy DIY fringed table runner! There are so many more adorable details, be sure to check out her blog to get a close up of all the 70's goodness!

www.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.com

These pictures would not be half as stunning without the tremendous talents of our makeup artist, Jamecia Bowers and our hair stylist, Meg White. The dress was classic and romantic, kindly donated by Bridals by Lori. And the VENUE. Oh. My. Gosh. Dunaway Gardens has most venues beat. With a stick. I literally have never (and I've shot at a lot of venues) been somewhere that had so MANY different places to shoot. I think I counted like eighteen gardens and seven waterfall/ponds, a lookout, amphitheater...it was seriously like being in Khloris's backyard. I wandered around with one of my best friends Courtney (who awesomely assisted at the shoot) and we both shook our heads wide-eyed wondering aloud, "how did I not know this was here when I planned my wedding!?!"

www.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.com


Needless to say, this was one of the most successful stylized sessions to date! So without further ado, enjoy the rest of the incredible results of some brilliantly talented people.

www.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.comwww.meaganophotography.comwww.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.com www.meaganophotography.comwww.meaganophotography.comwww.meaganophotography.com

Event Planner/Coordinator: Heidi Rew www.partiesforpennies.com
Photographer: Meagan O Photography www.meaganophotography.com
Location: Dunaway Gardens www.dunawaygardens.com
Flowers: Owens Flower Shop www.owensflowershop.com
Female Model: Victoria Bailey
Male Model: David McKahan
Hair Stylist: Meg White | Meg B White Salon
Make Up Artist: Jamecia Bowers | www.beautybybowers.com
Wedding Dress: Rivini | bridals by lori | www.bridalsbylori.com
Invitations & Other Prints: Heidi Rew | www.PartiesforPennies.com
Special thanks to Towanna Stone & Courtney Drake