It has happened. I have a studio. As in lease signed, walls coming down, hardwoods being put in, paint going on walls-the real deal. I'm getting everything ready for the first boudoir marathon I'll be shooting there on November 21. Yes, that is  a couple of weeks away. Yes, I do realize how insanely crazy I am. And yes, my husband will probably need some sort of therapy after all of this is finished. What? How? When? Well...the story is pretty incredible. Two months ago I reached out to two separate real estate agents for some help finding a space. One never called me back (probably because my ridiculously long "requirements" list was a tad overwhelming). The other was a sweet guy who graduated from 'Bama and couldn't quite grasp exactly what my space would be used for. Alas, the whole glamour photography thing completely alluded him. Thus, we went to see a ton of properties that wouldn't really work. I wasn't being picky. One didn't have a toilet-anywhere. Another started with a 20 minute speech from the property manager about how great their security system is...which is never a good sign if someone is selling you that hard on the safety of the area. Yeah. It wasn't going well.

Here's where I have to pause my current story to share a background story. It's a story within a story. Story inception. Promise it's completely relevant. Scout's honor.

So, two years ago I'd been having a busy, intense week and I decided I needed to just get out of the condo for a bit. Get some fresh air, meditate and pray. Well, two blocks from my condo I see this space that's available that looks like it'd make a cool studio. Now, at this point I had no desire to have a studio. Zip. Zilch. Nada. But I was curious, so I cup my hands around my eyes to peer in. Suddenly, a woman turns the corner and starts walking towards me. I (aware that I look like I'm casing the place to rob later) stammer an explanation about me being a photographer and the place looking like it would make a nice studio...yada yada yada. She looks at me and says, "Do you believe in God?" Huh. Weird response. But I tell her that I absolutely do and she tells me to lay my hands on the space and claim it. She then proceeds to tell me about her son who's been wrongfully convicted of murder, is in jail awaiting trial and whom she's believing the Lord will deliver. Now, again, at the time I didn't even want a studio. But my interaction with that woman was so random and encouraging that it made quite an impact. So much so, that I even told my best friends, husband, parents and sisters about it.

Now, fast forward back to current day.

I'm having no luck finding a studio, so I do what any desperate, slightly insane business owner would do. I get on Craigslist. It's 11:00 at night and I'm clicking through some rather interesting properties when I happen upon quite a gem. It's 1,400 square feet and has 2 floors (a wish list item of mine). It has two huge windows that span the entire wall on both floors. It's under my budget (say whattt??). It has two bathrooms-one upstairs and one downstairs. I glance at the address and realize it is walking distance from my house. I continue to click through the pictures, my heart pitter-pattering faster and faster when I get to the last picture. It is the EXACT space that I was peering into the day I met that woman. The one I thought would make such an awesome studio. The one she told me to believe in God for. WOAH. Chill bumps everywhere.

Since then, the landlord and I have worked together so well. She is putting hardwoods in upstairs, taking down the popcorn ceiling upstairs and making it flat, painting the entire facade of the building, adding new deadbolts, getting a more upscale door installed, and pressure washing the windows. I'm paying for two walls to come down upstairs (so the light can flow uninterrupted) and for the walls to be painted. There has been a TON of changes made, and I am SO STOKED!

Now, I want to put a disclaimer on this. I don't know if you believe in God. I don't know where you've been in your life, or what your interaction with christians has been like. We can unfortunately be quite a hurtful, judgmental bunch. I certainly don't want you to feel like I'm shoving God down your throat. But I felt this was too incredible a story not to share exactly as it happened. God has done some things in my life that are far too big for coincidence. This was one of them.

Check it out!!!


Where my sign will hang...I'm gonna have a sign!


The downstairs lobby/viewing area. (Pardon the ladder-this was the day they began construction and I didn't want to ask them to move it. Come on, I can't be that girl.)


Adorable little mail slot. Never thought I'd get excited over a mail slot. But, come on! It's so cute! I think I'll name it Betty and give her lips and eyes or something.


And then upstairs...www.meaganophotography.com

We have the make up/hair area to the left.


As well as another bathroom.


And then right at the top of the stairs, we have two weird walls with window glass. No worries, those are coming down to open the entire space up.www.meaganophotography.com

And to allow this gorgeous natural light through!www.meaganophotography.com

The crazy thing is, they've already ripped up that carpet and taken down the walls. I'll be taking more pictures soon to keep you guys updated on the progress! And be sure to send me a message if you'd like to be included in the first boudoir minis in the space. It's going to be a BLAST!www.meaganophotography.com