The "F" Word

I've been asking women who are really interested in doing a boudoir session, but won't pull the trigger, why not? There are a myriad of reasons they respond with...

"I don't have any good lingerie and I'm nervous to go buy some."

"I don't have anyone to give them to."

"I'm too old." 

And the worst excuse...

"I'm too fat."

The ugliest, dirtiest word in the English language. FAT. And you know what? When a girl calls herself "fat", what I usually see are these gorgeous curves. Beautiful. Sensual. Feminine. But when she walks in the studio with the "f" word on her lips, it breaks my heart.


Now, don't get me wrong, I totally get where these women are coming from. Every woman has her insecurities. In fact, this was the conversation I had with myself as I dried my hair this morning:

My head: *eyes belly pooch* "Man, that girl who was in the studio last week had an AMAZING body. She said she ate a raw food diet, right? I could do that."

My heart: "TOTALLY! Wait...what's the rawest form of cheese dip and margaritas?"

My head: "No, seriously I can do that. I've got what, 25 days before I shoot that wedding in Santa Barbara...that'll be a lot of social media pics of me being posted...good motivation...if I start tomorrow, maybe I can drop 10 pounds by then."

My heart: "TOTALLY! if I'm starting tomorrow, I need to have cake and a bottle of wine for dinner, right? It's the only logical option." 

My head: "Did you just say logical?"

My heart: [...]

So let me just say, I know. I know what it feels like to suck your stomach in every time your husband's hand grazes it. I know what it feels like to see that picture of yourself you didn't know was being taken until later. Everyone has insecurities about their bodies.  But sometimes you have to take action to begin to discover a new love for yourself. You are so much more beautiful than you realize and I see it. I see you. It's amazing when I have a client come in who's dropped a bunch of weight and celebrates loving her new body with a boudoir session. What's even better is when a woman who isn't happy with her body leaves her session genuinely appreciating her unique beauty and her gorgeous curves. The woman who does a double take as she walks by the mirror and thinks, "Wow! Check. Me. Out!"

I want that moment for every woman. If you haven't changed in front of your husband in years, boudoir is for you. Or if you avoid the beach like the plague, boudoir is for you. Or if you currently practice mental flogging every time something passes your lips that a rabbit wouldn't eat, just know this: boudoir is for you. You are stunning. You are unique. And, above all, you deserve to see it too. 

These women are some of my most recent favorite, curvy clients. They are not fat. They are HOT. They are BEAUTIFUL. They are WOMEN. Let their jaw-dropping beauty inspire you. Then maybe you can get your hubby what he really wants for Father's Day. Cause, let's be honest, he has enough ties. 




Note: While the images are edited, I have not digitally slimmed any of these women. I use lighting and posing to bring out each and every client's most boldly beautiful self.