Creative Ways to Gift Boudoir Images (Pt. 2)

This post is a continuation of another post full of awesome ideas that you can read here.

6.) Use your boudoir images as an extra fun surprise on a trip. I don't know about you, but when Matt and I get to go away somewhere together and relax, it's heaven. Vacations are my favorite. They're like pixie dust. As soon as we're on our way out of town, "vacation magic" begins to work it's way into our relationship. As we relax, we laugh more easily around one another. We walk hand-in-hand more slowly, savoring each other. We linger at dinner and have that extra coffee. We kiss more and touch more. It's just freaking awesome.

I had one client who brought her boudoir album with her on a trip to Hawaii. Once they arrived and he wasn't looking, she slipped the wrapped album into one of the nightstand drawers in their hotel room. On their first night there, she took him to a special dinner where they had an amazing meal. Once they were back in the hotel room, she had her husband sit on the bed and handed him a card that basically told him where to look for a surprise. Meanwhile, she went into the bathroom and told him to come see her after he'd opened his present. While in the bathroom, she changed into the same lingerie she'd been wearing on the last page of the album. You all see where this is going...Yep. He got two desserts that evening! 

A great option for: any vacation/staycation where you will have alone time. 

7.) Help his business trip blues by hijacking his laptop. If your significant other travels a lot or you're about to go out of town for a bit, you can sneak one of his electronic devices and download your boudoir images onto his computer. Then you could change his screensaver to one of the images you took and create a new folder that you label something like "I miss you..." or "TOP SECRET SEXY SURPRISE" or something. You could even make it a slideshow that he could play and enjoy. Just make sure you put it on his personal device and not a work device. Or if he uses his personal device for work as well, maybe shoot him a text once he's on his way letting him know that the next time he looks at his laptop, he should be alone. Otherwise, may just make that conference meeting a heck-of-a-lot more interesting. 

A great option for: any couple who's going to be apart for a period of time.

8.) Movie night...with a twist. Tell your significant other that it's been a long week and that instead of having a date night, you just want to enjoy a night in with him. Tell him you'll grab a Redbox and snacks on your way home. Once the kids are in bed, spread a blanket out on the floor, light some candles, grab the snacks and your "movie".. Only instead of a movie, you'll play a DVD slideshow of your boudoir images for him. Once your sure he won't pass out from the pleasure shock you just gave him, spend the rest of the night enjoying each other. I'm pretty sure he won't mind returning the Redbox movie that you don't actually get around to watching. 

A great option for: the couple looking to spice up their everyday relationship.

9.) Instead of traditional maternity portraits, opt for a boudoir maternity session instead. Many women decide they want to have maternity photos done. It's an amazing way to document the changes of your body during an incredible time in your life. A sexy alternative to that would be to do a boudoir maternity session instead. It isn't for everyone, but it's a great option for the couple who finds the changes of a woman's body stunningly enticing. I always make sure to get a gorgeous portrait of the mom as well. One that you could frame and present to your significant other as a gift for being so supportive through the pregnancy. I currently offer a folio box, which is a gorgeous silk, black box with a ribbon closure that holds up to 30 mounted prints that are ready for framing. You could present him with your amazing images and let him decide if he would like to have any framed and hang them. Or if he'd prefer to keep the images tied up in the box in a discreet location for his eyes only. Newborn babies are amazing, but between the lack of sleep and the rest your body needs to recuperate they aren't exactly a conduit to physical intimacy with your partner. I'm sure having some beautiful, sexy images of you in the interim would be much appreciated. 

A great option for: a couple expecting a child.

10.) Take him on a "trail of love". Print all of your boudoir images on a small scale (4x6's, 5x7's). Then create a trail from the door your significant other enters the house through to your bedroom. Write little playful notes like "I'm waiting for you..." or "I can't wait for you to kiss me..." or even a piece of paper with your lip print on it and mix them in between the pictures on your little "trail of love". Go all out! Spritz your perfume on the notes. Sprinkle some rose petals along the way. Once you've taken him all around the house, be ready on the bed with candles, champagne, whatever other romantic details you two enjoy. But be ready...he's definitely going to want to thank you thoroughly. 

A great option for: a birthday, anniversary, or heck a Tuesday! 

However you choose to gift your boudoir images, just have fun with it. Know that no matter what, he's going to FLIP! Just remember to give him some time to pick his jaw up off the ground.