Top 10 Fave Boudoir Images

The past few months the studio has been BANANAS! NUTS! CRAY-CRAY! Like one meal some days and 3-4 hours of sleep most nights for weeks at a crazy, but so so good! I've met and shot so many incredible women. The downside when you're so busy is you don't really get to take a hard look at your work and figure out what new things you've learned. So to combat that, here are my favorite ten boudoir images from this year (so far!) Plus, this gives all of you guys a chance to see how gorgeous my clients are! 

Full Disclosure: I am in LOVE with all of these images. There may or may not be excessive use of emoticons, exclamation points, use of the word "love" and bold type. You've been warned. :-)

Atlanta Boudoir Photography

10.) This gorgeous bride was such a joy to shoot! So many of my clients are brides and I adore this image! The traditional way to pose "bridal boudoir" is to use a veil. As an alternative, I LOVE the little veil panties this client found that matched her garter. I thought this was an amazing alternative for those brides who may not be wearing a veil at all for their wedding.

Atlanta Boudoir Photography

9.) This stunning woman was SO SO SO incredible to work with. On really intriguing aspect I love in boudoir is this feeling of motion. This client was such a trooper as I asked her to take her hubby's jersey off over and over again. I love the way you can see she is actively taking the jersey off, instead of just holding the shirt open. Not to mention, we were both laughing so hard the entire time because across the street there was an entire construction crew on their lunch break. They of course couldn't see her, but it was fun to know that this was going on right under their noses. :-) 

Atlanta Boudoir Photography

8.) Man, oh man! How beautiful! It's so intriguing when you can weave a little story into boudoir images. I love that you don't know why this woman is undressing, who she's undressing for, or what's going to happen next. I love that you can see that the bra is mid-swing and I love that she's barely holding onto it-clearly about to drop it on the floor. Boudoir photography shouldn't just be a sexy image. Boudoir images should make you want to know more about the woman in the picture. 

Atlanta Boudoir Photography

7.) I LOVE this pose. I love that she seems to be gasping for breath. I love that there is tension in her legs, but not as much in her hands. I love that you can't see her eyes. And I love that we decided to give her a lipstick change right before we moved on to this outfit and pose because the pop of red is heavenly!!

Atlanta Boudoir Photography

6.) If there was one thing I'd want to exist in all of my boudoir images it's for the woman in the image to seem unposed. Particularly because each and every one of these clients would tell you just how posed they truly were when we were shooting. My ultimate goal is to capture an image of a confident, sexy woman. Not an image of a woman who seems like she was told to pose "sexily." This picture is the ideal balance of a stunning woman in a natural pose. She is not aware of the viewer. The viewer just happens to be allowed a glimpse at her beauty. It is that additional veil of mystery that makes any boudoir image more successful than a more overt form of posing. 

Atlanta Boudoir Photography

5.) GAH! A woman's smile is truly the most gorgeous, sexy part of her body. A woman who is acknowledging her own beauty while smiling is even more beautiful. At some point, all of my clients absolutely get the giggles as they attempt to follow my crazy directions to "inhale with an open mouth on 3!" or "sit on your hoo-ha" or "wiggle your butt to your shoulders". I say RIDICULOUS things in every session, that have all involved lol-ing for real. But I also always tell them to give into the giggles. Laugh and laugh and laugh. I will continue to pose them through that laugh and those always end up being some of my favorite images.

Atlanta Boudoir Photography

4.) O. M. G. I love this. I love the way she's looking at me like she knows something I don't know. (Which was probably that it looked like I was going to topple off that ladder any second.) I love her body position. I love the swoop of her hair. I love the way this looks like art. I would totally frame this and hang it in my house. I just think it's beautiful.

Atlanta Boudoir Photography

3.) Wowza. This image is HAWT. So often my client's want really sexy images, but they are terrified that they'll have to go fully nude or spread eagle to get it. Not the case at all. To me, the hottest images don't give it all away. She was in a corset for this picture and I told her to squeeze her shoulders together and arch her back while breathing through her mouth. I love the texture of her skin. I love exactly where the light is hitting her body. I love how the lines across her body draw your eye and accentuate her curves. This woman is boldly beautiful. 

Atlanta Boudoir Photography

2.) This was something completely new (for me) that I tried. It was such a blast figuring out how to light her for this pose. I got to pull out my gels and play around. I think this is the first spread eagle pose I've ever done, now that I think about it. But it works beautifully in silhouette. I love how you can still make out the bows that were on the backs of her stockings and a little bit of detail on her face. And I love that we went with the color red cause, let's be honest and throw it back to my cheerleading days. That girl is R-E-D RED H-O-T HOT!

Atlanta Boudoir Photography

1.) GAH. This is my favorite favorite. And this gorgeous woman was so patient with me as I tried different ways of shooting her between the sheets. We also laughed a ton as I was squatting at the end of the bed with my camera under the sheet calling out poses, fanning the sheet at the same time and attempting to focus and compose my shot. It was so much fun! I seriously could've kept shooting her forever. The thing about this image that is so striking to me is how intimate it is. I love that her tattoo is barely in the frame. I love that it's between sheets, which is one of those places only your significant other gets to see you. And I LOVE the way she is looking at the camera. She is absolute perfection. 

Thanks for reading this weeks blog! Just a heads up to those of you interested in a boudoir session: I'll be raising my sitting fee at the end of August. My image and product prices will stay the same, but the new sitting fee will go into effect for all sessions beginning in September. Don't want to pull that out of the blue, so this is your heads up, buttercup! :-) 

Studio Update!

We have a studio. A fully functional, albeit not completely decorated, studio. It's amazing. It's beautiful. I've already shot ten gorgeous women in it and the images are stunning.

I am going to post the pretty pictures of where my studio is currently. This has been fun. However, in the interest of keeping it real, this has also been the most panic-inducing, hair-pulling, head-banging, mind-spinning, stomach-churning experience of my life.

Let's see, how to sum up the past two months. Well, to give you an accurate idea of what my life has been like, imagine that someone hands you a Rubik's cube puzzle to solve. Now imagine that each of the individual cubes are just smaller Rubik's cubes. Now imagine I give you 10 seconds to solve said demon-puzzle or you'll never ever see your family again. Bleak, no? And I freaking suck at Rubik's cubes to begin with. But that's kind of how I've felt for the past two months. It's been terrifyingly awesome. To sum up, since October 20, I have:

-Found, negotiated and signed a lease for a studio space.

-Negotiated all changes & remodeling that needed to be done to the space.

-Taken down two walls.

-Tried to "expose the beams" and heighten the ceiling a bit.

-Realized said "exposed beams" are really just the interior structure and therefore not esthetically pleasing. Actually, downright creepy looking. In fact, they'd probably require me to promise my clients I was just going to take pictures of them and promise not to murder them.

(Excuse the iPhone pics)IMG_8145IMG_8166 IMG_8174

-Replace the murder-beams ceiling.


-Rip up the carpet upstairs and put down beautiful, light hardwoods.IMG_8202

-Shop. Shop. Shop. And then, when finished, shop a little more.

-Painted the entire space.

-Complete the renovations 36 hours before I had my first client coming in.

-Guilt every loved one I have to come out and spend all night getting every single piece of Ikea furniture ever made put together.

-Realize the "floors" that were put down were actually wall-paneling installed upside down.

-Shoot marathon boudoir sessions that I had already scheduled on terrible wall-floor.

-Replace wall-floor with a beautiful, new, floor-floor.

-Completely re-branded Meagan O Photography including logo, website and direction.

-Existed on less sleep than I believed was possible.

-Gone more days without showering than I'd care to admit.

-Had more wine than I'd care to admit.

-Attempted to completely suck dry my husband's incredibly deep well of patience.

-Attempted to remain somewhat jovial and enjoy my favorite time of year.

I'd love to say I handled this all with ease and grace. No sweat. Come out with make-up in tact and hair perfectly quaffed, but my husband would probably tattle on me. This has been hard. I've been more insecure about my abilities with my craft than ever before. I've also been more excited and energetic about photography than ever before. The ten clients I've had the pleasure of shooting ion the studio thus far have reminded me the bigger reason I am doing this.

I am doing this to show women they are BEAUTIFUL. That they are worth it. To the adorable, elegant, 80 year old grandmother who can barely make it up the steps and packs all her outfit accessories in little baggies, you are worth it. To the 30-something wife who has never donned lingerie, but wants to surprise her husband with something special, you are worth it. To the mom of two grown children who only has her yearly school pictures to serve as professional portraits, you are worth it. 

There's still a lot to do, but if I keep reminding myself the reason I'm doing all this is completely worth it.

So! They studio is up and ready! If you're interested in glamour portraits, shoot me an email! ( Also, I'll be doing more boudoir minis the weekends of Jan 17-18 & 24-25 in preparation for Valentine's Day! Email me for details!

Now, without further ado, the updated studio pics! 

Downstairs from

Meeting area (where we have yet to hang our Black Friday 55'' tv)

Coffee & refreshment


Shooting space with gorgeous, new


Make-up area hallway (where we are installing a wardrobe system)



It's certainly come a long. LONG. way!


It has happened. I have a studio. As in lease signed, walls coming down, hardwoods being put in, paint going on walls-the real deal. I'm getting everything ready for the first boudoir marathon I'll be shooting there on November 21. Yes, that is  a couple of weeks away. Yes, I do realize how insanely crazy I am. And yes, my husband will probably need some sort of therapy after all of this is finished. What? How? When? Well...the story is pretty incredible. Two months ago I reached out to two separate real estate agents for some help finding a space. One never called me back (probably because my ridiculously long "requirements" list was a tad overwhelming). The other was a sweet guy who graduated from 'Bama and couldn't quite grasp exactly what my space would be used for. Alas, the whole glamour photography thing completely alluded him. Thus, we went to see a ton of properties that wouldn't really work. I wasn't being picky. One didn't have a toilet-anywhere. Another started with a 20 minute speech from the property manager about how great their security system is...which is never a good sign if someone is selling you that hard on the safety of the area. Yeah. It wasn't going well.

Here's where I have to pause my current story to share a background story. It's a story within a story. Story inception. Promise it's completely relevant. Scout's honor.

So, two years ago I'd been having a busy, intense week and I decided I needed to just get out of the condo for a bit. Get some fresh air, meditate and pray. Well, two blocks from my condo I see this space that's available that looks like it'd make a cool studio. Now, at this point I had no desire to have a studio. Zip. Zilch. Nada. But I was curious, so I cup my hands around my eyes to peer in. Suddenly, a woman turns the corner and starts walking towards me. I (aware that I look like I'm casing the place to rob later) stammer an explanation about me being a photographer and the place looking like it would make a nice studio...yada yada yada. She looks at me and says, "Do you believe in God?" Huh. Weird response. But I tell her that I absolutely do and she tells me to lay my hands on the space and claim it. She then proceeds to tell me about her son who's been wrongfully convicted of murder, is in jail awaiting trial and whom she's believing the Lord will deliver. Now, again, at the time I didn't even want a studio. But my interaction with that woman was so random and encouraging that it made quite an impact. So much so, that I even told my best friends, husband, parents and sisters about it.

Now, fast forward back to current day.

I'm having no luck finding a studio, so I do what any desperate, slightly insane business owner would do. I get on Craigslist. It's 11:00 at night and I'm clicking through some rather interesting properties when I happen upon quite a gem. It's 1,400 square feet and has 2 floors (a wish list item of mine). It has two huge windows that span the entire wall on both floors. It's under my budget (say whattt??). It has two bathrooms-one upstairs and one downstairs. I glance at the address and realize it is walking distance from my house. I continue to click through the pictures, my heart pitter-pattering faster and faster when I get to the last picture. It is the EXACT space that I was peering into the day I met that woman. The one I thought would make such an awesome studio. The one she told me to believe in God for. WOAH. Chill bumps everywhere.

Since then, the landlord and I have worked together so well. She is putting hardwoods in upstairs, taking down the popcorn ceiling upstairs and making it flat, painting the entire facade of the building, adding new deadbolts, getting a more upscale door installed, and pressure washing the windows. I'm paying for two walls to come down upstairs (so the light can flow uninterrupted) and for the walls to be painted. There has been a TON of changes made, and I am SO STOKED!

Now, I want to put a disclaimer on this. I don't know if you believe in God. I don't know where you've been in your life, or what your interaction with christians has been like. We can unfortunately be quite a hurtful, judgmental bunch. I certainly don't want you to feel like I'm shoving God down your throat. But I felt this was too incredible a story not to share exactly as it happened. God has done some things in my life that are far too big for coincidence. This was one of them.

Check it out!!!

Where my sign will hang...I'm gonna have a sign!

The downstairs lobby/viewing area. (Pardon the ladder-this was the day they began construction and I didn't want to ask them to move it. Come on, I can't be that girl.)

Adorable little mail slot. Never thought I'd get excited over a mail slot. But, come on! It's so cute! I think I'll name it Betty and give her lips and eyes or something.

And then

We have the make up/hair area to the left.

As well as another bathroom.

And then right at the top of the stairs, we have two weird walls with window glass. No worries, those are coming down to open the entire space

And to allow this gorgeous natural light through!

The crazy thing is, they've already ripped up that carpet and taken down the walls. I'll be taking more pictures soon to keep you guys updated on the progress! And be sure to send me a message if you'd like to be included in the first boudoir minis in the space. It's going to be a BLAST!