Studio Update!

We have a studio. A fully functional, albeit not completely decorated, studio. It's amazing. It's beautiful. I've already shot ten gorgeous women in it and the images are stunning.

I am going to post the pretty pictures of where my studio is currently. This has been fun. However, in the interest of keeping it real, this has also been the most panic-inducing, hair-pulling, head-banging, mind-spinning, stomach-churning experience of my life.

Let's see, how to sum up the past two months. Well, to give you an accurate idea of what my life has been like, imagine that someone hands you a Rubik's cube puzzle to solve. Now imagine that each of the individual cubes are just smaller Rubik's cubes. Now imagine I give you 10 seconds to solve said demon-puzzle or you'll never ever see your family again. Bleak, no? And I freaking suck at Rubik's cubes to begin with. But that's kind of how I've felt for the past two months. It's been terrifyingly awesome. To sum up, since October 20, I have:

-Found, negotiated and signed a lease for a studio space.

-Negotiated all changes & remodeling that needed to be done to the space.

-Taken down two walls.

-Tried to "expose the beams" and heighten the ceiling a bit.

-Realized said "exposed beams" are really just the interior structure and therefore not esthetically pleasing. Actually, downright creepy looking. In fact, they'd probably require me to promise my clients I was just going to take pictures of them and promise not to murder them.

(Excuse the iPhone pics)IMG_8145IMG_8166 IMG_8174

-Replace the murder-beams ceiling.


-Rip up the carpet upstairs and put down beautiful, light hardwoods.IMG_8202

-Shop. Shop. Shop. And then, when finished, shop a little more.

-Painted the entire space.

-Complete the renovations 36 hours before I had my first client coming in.

-Guilt every loved one I have to come out and spend all night getting every single piece of Ikea furniture ever made put together.

-Realize the "floors" that were put down were actually wall-paneling installed upside down.

-Shoot marathon boudoir sessions that I had already scheduled on terrible wall-floor.

-Replace wall-floor with a beautiful, new, floor-floor.

-Completely re-branded Meagan O Photography including logo, website and direction.

-Existed on less sleep than I believed was possible.

-Gone more days without showering than I'd care to admit.

-Had more wine than I'd care to admit.

-Attempted to completely suck dry my husband's incredibly deep well of patience.

-Attempted to remain somewhat jovial and enjoy my favorite time of year.

I'd love to say I handled this all with ease and grace. No sweat. Come out with make-up in tact and hair perfectly quaffed, but my husband would probably tattle on me. This has been hard. I've been more insecure about my abilities with my craft than ever before. I've also been more excited and energetic about photography than ever before. The ten clients I've had the pleasure of shooting ion the studio thus far have reminded me the bigger reason I am doing this.

I am doing this to show women they are BEAUTIFUL. That they are worth it. To the adorable, elegant, 80 year old grandmother who can barely make it up the steps and packs all her outfit accessories in little baggies, you are worth it. To the 30-something wife who has never donned lingerie, but wants to surprise her husband with something special, you are worth it. To the mom of two grown children who only has her yearly school pictures to serve as professional portraits, you are worth it. 

There's still a lot to do, but if I keep reminding myself the reason I'm doing all this is completely worth it.

So! They studio is up and ready! If you're interested in glamour portraits, shoot me an email! ( Also, I'll be doing more boudoir minis the weekends of Jan 17-18 & 24-25 in preparation for Valentine's Day! Email me for details!

Now, without further ado, the updated studio pics! 

Downstairs from

Meeting area (where we have yet to hang our Black Friday 55'' tv)

Coffee & refreshment


Shooting space with gorgeous, new


Make-up area hallway (where we are installing a wardrobe system)



It's certainly come a long. LONG. way!

Super Creative is Super-Fly!

So I just shot a gorgeous wedding a week and a half ago for the lovely Jamie and Jon Buttry and I realized that I never blogged their awesome engagement session! It. Was. Epic. Seriously! They were totally down for a little costuming and creative shooting. We wanted to do a dual session-which you've heard me mention before. Basically it's like two engagement sessions in one. One side represents the brides personality and the other represents the groom's. In this case, the groom was represented by a very "Great Gatsby" type of feel and the bride had more of a "Free People" personality. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dual engagement sessions. Yes, it's more work. Yes, it takes longer. And yes, it may or may not mean that I make my clients run between trains in 90+ heat to get the shot. But they are always worth it. Plus, me being the cheese-ball I am, I love the idea of him stepping into her world and her stepping into his. It always makes for a more dynamic day of shooting with some awesome benefits! Enjoy

Dress Up

Growing up, my absolute FAVORITE thing to do was play dress up. I used to have this floor length, fully sequined, cerulean ball gown that I would wear all. the. time. It's funny, the way I remember it, it was made of actual jewels, not sequins. I would run around outside in it and pretend I was being chased by the evil queen (aka my brother, Matt) and once I was caught I'd wait for my prince charming to come and rescue me.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage Interestingly enough, I found myself "working" two weeks ago and yet it looked incredibly similar to five year old me play time. I hooked up with Monique and Ashley at the Brock Cassidie Salon in Buckhead. Which is this INCREDIBLY adorable salon! It's decorated with all these vintage touches and they even have these cute silk robes you can slip into to really make the whole experience that much more relaxing! Well, we did a stylized shoot and they totally rocked all the styling from the hair, makeup, and set design! It was SO. COOL. Plus, I had that moment where I stopped, looked around and realized that I was basically playing dress up and that that is my job. Pretty awesome moment for me!!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

I had an amazing day "playing" with Monique & Ashley! As well as the beautiful models, Ladee Danger, Candice Dupree & Stacey Culpepper. I'll be teaming up with the Brock Cassidie team again to do more stylized shoots, so if any of you have some way amazing ideas, message them to me and maybe we'll shoot it! Happy Tuesday!ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Up Down, Up Down, Up Down

Yeah, that song has been stuck in my head since Mark posted the new intern video...but I freaking LOVE that  song!
So as an intern for Leah and Mark, I can definitely say that intro night was awesome! I got there with some  homemade cupcakes (which I prayed wouldn't make anyone sick due to my track record) and a bottle of wine  (which was requested by Mark). I got there with some homemade cupcakes (which I prayed wouldn't make  anyone sick due to my track record) and a bottle of wine (which was requested by Mark).
Mark was already barking orders when we got there. He can be so needy. Kiiiiiidding. He had us set up, which is  great because we all get to learn how the heck to put stuff together. It was great getting to know all of the new  interns and find out about who they are, why they like photography, and what they're doing right now. They  each seem interesting and creative.
Once the models got there, we went at it. Honestly, one of the hardest parts for me was directing the models. Not  because I don't know how to direct models, but because I don't know how to direct models. I'm used to directing  people who don't like or know how to respond to the camera. And the biggest motivator I use is how they interact  together. With the models, they just went! Every model present was awesome at what they do, I just like real  emotion. I like to make them laugh, or see their nose wrinkle up or something that is quirky and unique to them.
I was teamed up with Chris (who is stellar and certainly someone I will learn a lot from). Jen was an incredible  poser (haha, that sounds like an insult, but I mean POSE-ER...). She has an interesting face and fell easily into  interesting poses.
We then moved on to shoot this gorgeous girl! I think one of my favorite parts was her chipped fingernail polish.  I loved that little quirk.
Next, we went to photograph Micah. She was wearing a dress that I so wanted to own! +Gabriel was there to help  answer a peppering of questions from me. He was awesome. He's a patient guy. Thank God! I guess if he had  given me lip, I was armed with baked goods! It was fun experimenting with light. I think this one looks like an  add for that "Stilettos Mascara". If that mascara didn't suck. Worst 8 bucks I've ever spent.
Then Chris and I headed outside to shoot Jen and Sean together. This was a bit easier for me because I could  pretend they were an engaged couple. A ridiculously sexy engaged couple who looked great in every picture,  but still.
Finally, we headed back inside to play with Catherine. Now, I have to tell you, I have a disease. It is incurable,  but not fatal. It's called lensflaritis. It is the strong desire to utilize lens flare in as many pictures as possible  regardless of the fact that it makes you look cheesy and other photogs will laugh at you. So. I kept it under  control for most of the night, but here is my little indulgence.