"Das A Positive!"

 So last week I had the incredible pleasure of shooting Liz and Mark's wedding down in the Bahamas.I honestly can't say enough about the two of them. Mark has an ease and general calm that surrounds him everywhere he goes and Liz clearly pours her entire heart into every relationship she has. It came as no surprise to me how awesome they were together after spending four days with their families. Awesome people breed awesome people. "Das a positive" is Bahamian slang for "That makes a lot of sense". And these two together...well, make a lot of sense.

   I went down with Courtney, one of my best friends ever since high school and we had a BLAST. We have always been the kind of people who come back from anywhere with a story. It could be a simple grocery trip or an international getaway, and somehow whenever anyone asks how our trip was it always starts with "well...you see, what had happened was..." I love it. And this trip didn't disappoint! 
   I think the best story happened to us downtown. If you've ever been to any Caribbean island you know there are a TON of diamond import/jewelry places. I mean they're everywhere. It must be a club or something. Anyway, as we were passing one I told Court that I wasn't really sure what kind of engagement ring she'd like when it comes that time for her. SO we should go in and take a look, and with much persuasion (alright, I physically pushed her through the door) I got her in. Now, Court has currently been dating a guy for about a month. It's definitely in the beginning stages, but he seems pretty great. However, this is obviously one of those things you wouldn't really want to get out that early in the relationship. I mean, can you imagine?! 
Court's guy: "So how was the trip?"
Court: "Awesome! I went shopping for engagement rings! Isn't that hilarious?"
Court's guy: ::insert puff of smoke::
   My disclaimer to you guys is that obviously I wanted to get that kind of trip out of the way BEFORE she gets to that point with said future husband. I mean, do you have any idea how hard it is to bring that subject up when it's even remotely close to happening? Pretty hard.
   All this seems like no big thing right? Wellllll...a little while later I noticed a camera crew. Oh yeah. Like five guys taping us. The director came over to me and asked if it would be ok if he filmed us. Of course it is! Hello! I'm an actress-could be my big break, right? I calmed Court down by telling her it was probably just a little local thing yada-yada-yada. Funny thing. It's actually for the cruise lines. ALL of them. It's going into an ad for all of the ships that cruise and port in Nassau. Um. Awesome. I think Court's forgiven me. Although, now I've blogged about it too...whoops. 

Newborn Baby Esther

After doing Jessica and Kyle's maternity pictures (check out the rest of the slideshow here http://meaganophotography.com/#/esther-slideshow/), it was a PLEASURE to get the opportunity to do newborn pictures of baby Esther. She is a stunning baby with a full head of hair! When I got there, I had the pleasure of meeting Jess's parents. Kyle and Jess were more than willing to oblige my every creative whim and, as always, it's just nice working with friends.

Matt and I have officially been married for one year and while we're waiting on the kids part (5-7 years sounds great to me!) We are really excited about being future parents. Based on how Matt acts around our adorable niece Blair (*cough* wrapped around her little finger *cough*) I'm pretty sure I'll end up being the disciplinarian.

Shoot, even how he acts around our dog, Max! Here is some typical dialogue from the O'Neal household: Me: Alright, Max. Time for bed. Crate time! Matt: Oh, he's alright! Let's just let him cuddle with us for a few more minutes. Fast-forward to around 2:33am, Max has all 69lbs of himself sprawled out on his back, mid-bed, legs splayed. Meanwhile, my 6'2'' hubby has contorted his body in an interesting shape so as not to disturb said dog, leaving his beautiful wife to lay precariously over the edge of the bed. Good thing they're both cute!

Sweet Family

I had the immense pleasure of photographing the Alexander family last week. Lakeyshia Alexander had just given birth to her sweet new baby, Khalip on August 8, 2011.He weighed 8 lbs 7oz and was 21 inches long. He also has a big brother named Bryce. Bryce was so helpful and sweet the entire time we shot.
And it looks like he is already the best older brother EVER!
As beautiful as this family is, it isn't complete without dad, who's been overseas fighting for our country. When I arrived last week to shoot these pictures, Lakeyshia told me that he would be returning home on September 10 to rejoin his family and meet his new son. I was so elated to hear this for them! There is so much love in this family for one another, and I am ecstatic to get the chance to get a family portrait for them once he gets back!


And as sweet and precious as brotherly love is, it is possibly even more precious to see a mother's love for her boys. 
It was such a pleasure meeting this family! And you can check out their entire slideshow here.

Sweet love

      So on my escapade to Destin, I had the pleasure of shooting Evelyn and Mike's vow renewal. I have to say, there is something really beautiful about seeing two people professing their love for one another after being together for years. The ceremony was close family only and was relaxed and honest in nature. There was no priest to perform, simply Evelyn and Mike standing in front of people they love announcing to them the commitment they made to each other and their continued love and devotion toward one another. They chose each other then, and they choose each other now. Beautiful.
When I took this shot, I remember wondering how many times they've laced their fingers together.
They truly light up when they're around each other. You can tell by how he looks at her, he is still in love with the woman he married years ago.
You can view their entire slideshow here!

Love your guts out!

I had a shoot on Friday with Lisa and Rob Fortner that I thought turned out AWESOME! I love this family and how they interact. Not to mention, they're pretty :-) One of the cute quirks about Rob and Lisa is that when they were dating, they used to say "love your guts out" to show affection. I think that's awesome, and it's stuck with me. Now, they have two beautiful kids and a family solidly grounded on love with a side of goofball. It was a blast to hang out with them at the park. Enjoy the shots-you can view the entire slideshow here Now, everyone, go love someone's guts out! :-)


Wow...what an incredible idea!

So I was chilling out on Stumbleupon.com (the arch-nemesis of productive time-but so awesome!) and I happened upon this idea that a few individuals had. Apparently, someone started this movement where filmmakers from every country in the world were going to film something on 10-10-2010. What an incredible concept! Kyle Ruddick is currently going through 3,000 hours of film to edit it all together. They do need help with donations, so if you're moved by the trailer (and how could you NOT be) here's the link to give http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/onedayonearth/one-day-on-earth-filmed-in-every-nation-in-one-day?ref=live They are also already planning to do an 11-11-2011 as well. What an amazing concept! To see the world laid out on one specific day and observe all the different things occurring in that time frame. Check out the trailer! It gave me crazy chills! 

Things I love...a LOT!

I love finding funky scarves in thrift stores, an endless evening with a nice bottle of wine and inspiring individuals, the smell of Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen, watching for the first signs that Christmas is approaching, learning something new, freshly painted toes, dancing my heart out, performing on stage or on camera, singing Broadway show-tunes, wrapping presents creatively, getting kisses from my puppy, Max, laughing about auto-corrects with my husband, ferrer rocher chocolates, a great cup of coffee, going to indie movies by myself, an early morning run (sometimes), puzzles!, meeting couples who are totally in love and getting to take pictures of them, playing super competitive card games, pushing the elevator button, snuggling, loooonng baths with a great book, a great book, my relationship with Jesus, seeing live theatre, going to fine dining restaurants and pretending to be a "foodie", laughing til I cry over something most would find silly, feeling the sun between my toes, spending time with my amazing, albeit crazy family, and lots LOTS more! If you wanna know, just ask! :-)

Jessica + Kyle

So this past weekend, I had the ultimate privilege shooting Jessica and Kyle Beardsley. They are so precious to me! They are expecting their first little one and I can't wait for he (or she) to arrive! These two are going to make the most spectacular parents! Here are some of my faves from the shoot and at the bottom, you can view their complete slideshow. Enjoy!

The entire slideshow: http://meaganophotography.com/#/jessica-kyle-home/