Newborn Baby Esther

After doing Jessica and Kyle's maternity pictures (check out the rest of the slideshow here, it was a PLEASURE to get the opportunity to do newborn pictures of baby Esther. She is a stunning baby with a full head of hair! When I got there, I had the pleasure of meeting Jess's parents. Kyle and Jess were more than willing to oblige my every creative whim and, as always, it's just nice working with friends.

Matt and I have officially been married for one year and while we're waiting on the kids part (5-7 years sounds great to me!) We are really excited about being future parents. Based on how Matt acts around our adorable niece Blair (*cough* wrapped around her little finger *cough*) I'm pretty sure I'll end up being the disciplinarian.

Shoot, even how he acts around our dog, Max! Here is some typical dialogue from the O'Neal household: Me: Alright, Max. Time for bed. Crate time! Matt: Oh, he's alright! Let's just let him cuddle with us for a few more minutes. Fast-forward to around 2:33am, Max has all 69lbs of himself sprawled out on his back, mid-bed, legs splayed. Meanwhile, my 6'2'' hubby has contorted his body in an interesting shape so as not to disturb said dog, leaving his beautiful wife to lay precariously over the edge of the bed. Good thing they're both cute!