Up Down, Up Down, Up Down

Yeah, that song has been stuck in my head since Mark posted the new intern video...but I freaking LOVE that  song!
So as an intern for Leah and Mark, I can definitely say that intro night was awesome! I got there with some  homemade cupcakes (which I prayed wouldn't make anyone sick due to my track record) and a bottle of wine  (which was requested by Mark). I got there with some homemade cupcakes (which I prayed wouldn't make  anyone sick due to my track record) and a bottle of wine (which was requested by Mark).
Mark was already barking orders when we got there. He can be so needy. Kiiiiiidding. He had us set up, which is  great because we all get to learn how the heck to put stuff together. It was great getting to know all of the new  interns and find out about who they are, why they like photography, and what they're doing right now. They  each seem interesting and creative.
Once the models got there, we went at it. Honestly, one of the hardest parts for me was directing the models. Not  because I don't know how to direct models, but because I don't know how to direct models. I'm used to directing  people who don't like or know how to respond to the camera. And the biggest motivator I use is how they interact  together. With the models, they just went! Every model present was awesome at what they do, I just like real  emotion. I like to make them laugh, or see their nose wrinkle up or something that is quirky and unique to them.
I was teamed up with Chris (who is stellar and certainly someone I will learn a lot from). Jen was an incredible  poser (haha, that sounds like an insult, but I mean POSE-ER...). She has an interesting face and fell easily into  interesting poses.
We then moved on to shoot this gorgeous girl! I think one of my favorite parts was her chipped fingernail polish.  I loved that little quirk.
Next, we went to photograph Micah. She was wearing a dress that I so wanted to own! +Gabriel was there to help  answer a peppering of questions from me. He was awesome. He's a patient guy. Thank God! I guess if he had  given me lip, I was armed with baked goods! It was fun experimenting with light. I think this one looks like an  add for that "Stilettos Mascara". If that mascara didn't suck. Worst 8 bucks I've ever spent.
Then Chris and I headed outside to shoot Jen and Sean together. This was a bit easier for me because I could  pretend they were an engaged couple. A ridiculously sexy engaged couple who looked great in every picture,  but still.
Finally, we headed back inside to play with Catherine. Now, I have to tell you, I have a disease. It is incurable,  but not fatal. It's called lensflaritis. It is the strong desire to utilize lens flare in as many pictures as possible  regardless of the fact that it makes you look cheesy and other photogs will laugh at you. So. I kept it under  control for most of the night, but here is my little indulgence.