Products We Swear By!

Tiny confession: I love love LOVE trying new products. New hair smoothers, eye shadows, curling irons, masks, bath bombs. Give me all the lotions and potions! (And bonus, I get to write it off as research!) I am the girl who goes into Ulta/Sephora and always grabs a bag because even if I'm just going in for one thing...that sucker’s gonna fill up! Well, I sat down with my main makeup artist, the lovely Jamecia Bowers (shout out to Jammy J! She's INCREDIBLE!!!!) to chat about the products we love and use most! Plus, y'all she owns a spa and get access to allllllll those extra goods!

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1) Studio Fix MAC Foundation - This foundation is a win on about 95% of our clients! It goes on smooth, doesn't crease, and stays put through all the twisting, turning and posing I make my clients do! Plus, it gives a natural, slightly dewy finish that doesn't look like you're sweating! And it has SPF 15!

2) Lipsense - Ok. This stuff is magic. It is lipstick that doesn’t move once it's on. I always tell my brides about it because when you're expected to make out with your man through an hour of pictures on your wedding day, how the heck do you keep your lips looking great!? Especially if you go for a bold lip color?! Lawd, make out with a deep red lip and it'll look like an evil clown went to town on both of you! The application is a little weird-you do three thin layers and let them dry in between, the you apply the gloss. But I swear! That color won't budge until you go to take it off that night! You just continue to apply the gloss so it doesn't look cake-y. You do have to purchase from a distributor, so reach out to Jamecia if you're interested!

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3) Juvenescence Ageless - This one isn't one I'd heard of, but Jamecia brought it to the studio and it's like gold in a bottle. Basically, you apply it under your eyes and the bags will tighten up in seconds! It only last for a few hours, but who cares?!?! For a few hours it can look like you weren't up with the baby all night or like you aren't currently trying to complete your thesis. Or, if you're like me, like you didn't stay up binging Big Little Lies all night (y'all! Second season is so good!) You also can't get this without an account, so reach out to Jamecia if you're interested!

4) Bobbi Brown Gel Liner - One thing I hate when someone wears false lashes, is when they don't fill in the false lash line. It essentially makes the false lashes stand out even more-and not in a good way! We love the smooth, seamless finish the Bobbi Brown gel liner gives. It fully covers the false lash line and glue, while also staying put and accentuating your eye further. I mean, if they're the windows to the soul we might as well give them a frame!

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5) Makeup Forever Primer - We see skin in all different stages. Dry. Oily. Flakey. Uneven. This primer is the absolute best one to set your makeup. Again, boudoir posing is no joke and if you're anything like me, you sweat just looking at a yoga mat. So having a clean, primed canvas to work off of will keep the makeup in place and performing it's best. This primer is great for just about every skin type!

6) Lashboost R&F - I remember growing up, it was practically a sin to leave the house without lipstick on according to my grandma. I can still picture the green tube. Well, for me I love lashes! Give me all the lashes all the time! Every time we have a client come in with gorgeous lashes and we comment about it, they say that they are using Lashboost by Rodan & Fields. You do have to get it from an R&F distributor, but message me if you're interested because I know a gal!

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7) Mix of Oil and Lotion for skin - Ok, this isn't so much a brand as it is a little tip. It doesn't really matter what you use, though at the studio we use Jergen's lotion and an argan oil (that's actually for your hair). Squeeze a handful of lotion into your hands, add a spritz of oil and rub your hands together. Viola! You get moisturized skin that will also catch a bit more light than with just normal lotion. This is perfect if you want that extra hint of glow!

8) Big Sexy Hair Powder Play - My thin haired ladies, this one's for you! Though we use it one all of our clients, the ones with the thinnest hair definitely benefit the most! Powder play is this tiny bottle of chalky hair powder that you sprinkle into your roots to add volume. The shorter or thinner your hair, the better it works. You just massage into your scalp and poof! Volumized hair! The down side is it does add a bit of texture to your hair, so it isn't as easy to comb your hands through, but I think that's a small price to pay for the volume it gives!